Treatment for co-occurring disorders

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What are co-occurring disorders?

Co-occurring disorders refer to disorders that occur simultaneously, or one after the other. Mental health conditions and addiction frequently interact with each other, which can lead to worsening of both.

It can be challenging to determine which condition developed first, and in some cases, a substance may be fully responsible for the development of mental health symptoms.

Unfortunately, many with co-occurring mental health conditions and addiction do not receive treatment for either.

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1 in 5

amount of people with a mental health condition who also have an addiction.


of individuals with an addiction who also have a mental health condition. *estimate.


of individuals received neither mental health nor substance use treatment.

It is estimated that 38% of individuals with an addiction also have a mental health condition.

Among those with a mental health condition, it is estimated at almost 1 in 5 also have an addiction.

What does treatment look like?

A comprehensive treatment approach to address both mental health and addiction at the same time is crucial for those with co-occurring disorders. Treatment options often include medications, therapy, and supportive interventions to address both conditions adequately.

Making an appointment to speak with an addiction and mental health specialist to discuss your individual situation can help determine what treatment options are appropriate for you.

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